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Roadmap of Green Construction in Russia    pр. 8, 108

The event was held as part of the 30th anniversary conference and exhibition “Moscow: problems and methods for enhancement of energy efficiency” – the leading Russian forum on energy conservation. This topic is very popular today – many events of various formats are dedicated to it.

Against this background “Moscow: problems and methods for enhancement of energy efficiency” conference and exhibition plays a special role.

This is the site where the deepest, comprehensive and scientifically justified discussion of energy conservation problems takes place. The conference is a unique place for communication of scientists, practitioners, representatives of government and business.


The Corporate University is intended for training and professional development of the bank employees (totally 250 000 people work in the bank and its branch offices in the Russian Federation). The university will be able to open its doors for 20 000 students and teachers annually.

The project is unique in its architectural, structural and engineering solutions which provide comfortable conditions for work, studies and relaxation of personnel.

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Ring Heat Pump Systems       p. 18

Vadim Shabanov

Ring heat pump systems cause stable interest for specialists thanks to their cost effectiveness, reliability, efficiency and at the same time simplicity of technical solutions.

Of course many questions arise about the system, its operation, problems during operation, about application of similar systems in other facilities, about possibility of development and modernization of systems, etc. Answers to some of these questions you will find in this article.

Designing for OFF       p. 28

Shawn Oram, Carmen Cejudo

When the Rice Fergus Miller architecture firm was looking for a new office and studio space, they chose to completely renovate an abandoned former Sears Automotive Center. The office was designed to allow systems to be turned off for most of the year, resulting in a model for clients and the community of how to meet aggressive energy and water savings targets in a major retrofit that costs less than new construction.

Green Office Jones Lang LaSalle: Ecology and Economy for Your Benefit            p. 40

Kseniya Agapova

Company Jones Lang LaSalle decided to certify its Moscow office according to the international green construction standards to present the new office space quality method in the Moscow market. The priority objectives of the project became development of positive spirit and creation of comfortable and healthy working environment for the company’s workers and clients. As a result the office design was the first in Russia to receive two prestigious international certificates at the same time – “Gold” LEED and “Good” BREEAM.

Le Hive – a High-Tech Hive    p. 48

Dimitri Kirillov

Le Hive Headquarters – the first intelligent building in the world that bears the highest mark according to BREEAM In-Use standard (“Distinguishing Characteristics”) and that passed certification according to ISO 50001, as well as a number of national standards. In creation of its new headquarters Schneider Electric used only modern technologies in climate control and automation, including also own innovational products.

Portrait of a Manager            p. 56

Igor Starodubtsov, Head of the department of preparation of solutions and support of sales of Schneider Electric in Russia, talks about the experience in automation and enhancement of energy efficiency of building, and new technologies in this area. On its own example the company demonstrates observance of the principles of sustainable construction, actively using the

accumulated knowledge in its own facilities as well.

High Standards of Automation of Industrial Enterprises      p. 62

Arnold Galustov

Innovative technologies implemented in large industrial enterprises break stereotypical notion of automation systems as some sort of “pyramids” that consist of clearly defined layers that require mutual interfacing. The new quality level of automation presumes complete transparency and understandability of the system, accessibility of all of its functions, convenience and quickness of development of software and graphical user interfaces, equipment control using mobile devices. Properly adjusted automation system provides protection and control of the equipment and prevents emergency situations.

Energy Efficient Elevators of High-Rise Buildings   p. 66

Alexei Mikhailov, Nikolay Shilkin

Elevators of high-rise buildings have many construction features that account for higher energy consumption by such systems compared to elevators of multistory buildings. In foreign countries there are many residential buildings where the cost of energy supply of vertical transportation system can reach 50 % of the total power consumption.

Special approach to design, installation and operation of elevators includes

use of complex of energy saving activities which make the vertical transportation system more energy efficient and less costly.

Natural Lighting Systems      p. 74

Nikolay Shilkin

Window in an integral element of any building that we are more used to looking at as part of the architectural concept.

In additional to visual aesthetic control it gives offers possibilities for arrangement of natural lighting and ventilation, passive use of solar radiation heat, etc. But however the greatest potential lies in natural lighting that offers quite many options.

In spite of numerous advantages of natural lighting, the global practice has many examples of buildings where such system would be one of the key features of the project. Notable exceptions are, e.g. “Commerzbank” building in Germany or “Glass building” in Denmark.

Rules of Successful Operation          p. 84

Sergei Nikitin

Have you ever though who the level of living comfort in your building depends on? We will remember architects, designers, builders, neighbors, finally. Only rarely one will recall the operations service. But it is a very complex and sensitive mechanism which is located next to us and is always ready to come to our help.

Operations service affect the efficiency of engineering equipment, quality of microclimate, entrance condition – everything that can cause inconvenience for us. Highly experienced operations specialist Sergey Nikitin talks about the methods for creating a comfortable environment in a building and what difficulties arise in the process.

Development and Benefits of Using PVT
Compared to PV         p. 90

Pavel Sevela, Bjarne W. Olesen

One of the latest developments in solar energy use in technical building systems is the hybrid solar collector. It’s a module based on standard photovoltaic elements the efficiency of which is increased by maintaining their temperature at the optimal level and heat transfer through built in the panel tubes with refrigerant. Compared to a similar module based on the same photovoltaic elements increase in the capacity of the hybrid solar collector can reach 14.8%.

A real-life model for studying of the system’s characteristics became the design of individual residential house FOLD which we have described in the summer volume of the magazine. The design was awarded first place in “Solar Decathlon – 2012” in the category of devices used in technical building systems.

ETFE: Transparent, Flexible, Robust              p. 98

Roof of the Central stadium “Fisht” is being coated with ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) – a transparent membrane film resistant to moisture penetration and permitting light.

Book Review   p. 105

“Practical recommendations on design of fire safety systems. Part 4” were published. The new edition continues the same-named series of practical recommendations published in 2010 – 2012 that drew great attention from the readers.

Book from “Technical library of ABOK” is an extremely rare material – design concepts for technical equipment of high-rise buildings built in Moscow. The publication was prepared by a group of authors under general editorial of Marianna Brodach. Book by Michael Newman “BACnet: global standard in automation of buildings and control of networks” was published.