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Summer 2014


ABOK Experts about Sochi Olympic Facilities p. 6

Sightseeing Congress Tour took place to Sochi – «Innovative Technologies at Olympic Infrastructure Facilities», organized by ABOK with information partnership of the e-magazine and website «Sustainable Building Technologies». The objective of the Congress Tour was demonstration of the innovative engineering solutions at facilities in Sochi built for XXII Olympics and XI Paralympic winter games, as well as meetings with the operators of these facilities.

Interview with the Expert p. 10

Interview with Alexander Golovachov, expert in the field of buildings and constructions about the national features of exploitation in Russia.

Phoenix Rising p. 18

Jay S. Robin

Before 2010, one might not have imagined that a chronically neglected and abandoned building – a former home for an adult boutique in Phoenix – could be transformed into a highly sustainable, net zero energy building.

Energy Efficient Residential Building in Khabarovsk p. 30

A residential building equipped with modern energy saving technologies has been operating in the northern district of Khabarovsk since 2010.

JAGA: Innovative Heating Appliances p. 40

Numerous foreign and Russian floor-mounted convectors came to the Russian market over the past several years. Company Termoros is offering innovative Jaga equipment.

DEVAP – the new technology of heat-moisture treatment of air p. 44

Technology DEVAP (desiccant-enhanced evaporative), developed in 2011, was included in TOP‑100 the most important scientific discoveries of the year by the magazine R&D.

Bio-inspired Adaptive Building Skins p. 50

Roel Loonen, Adelya Khayrullina, Jan Hensen

Adaptability is the ability of a system to act in response to variations in environmental conditions. Living organisms are able to efficiently capture, convert, store and process energy, water and sunlight. Unlike nature, buildings are typically conceived as static, inanimate objects.

Functional Lighting: Modern Trends and Technologies p. 58

Alexey Mikhailov

Functional lighting is a highly competitive area where technologies are constantly improving. New lighting fixtures are being designed, efficiency of light sources is improving and control systems are being implemented.

Sustainable Development of the Cities. Songdo – International Business District p. 64

Martin Bismark

Simultaneously with enhancement of the environment friendliness and energy efficiency of individual buildings there are whole towns being created based on the sustainability concept. One of such places is International business district Songdo.

DGNB: German-style Sustainable Construction p. 68

The building industry has to not only preserve the natural resources for the future generations, but also consciously use the natural fuel. DGNB believes that the key to achieving this objective is the green construction.

Energy Efficient Buildings of Denmark p. 72

Nikolay Shilkin, Alla Nasonova

The green construction presumes minimum impact on the environment and is aimed at reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. It’s a whole system that one cannot take out separate elements from, say the Danish. Story about the pilot projects that implement the Project Zero plan in Denmark.

Professional Society p. 80

ABOK delegation took part in 58th General REHVA Assembly that took place on 28–29 April in Düsseldorf. The Forum was attended by delegates from 27 REHVA member countries and managers of ASHRAE, Eurovent Assosiation, Eurovent Certita Certification, European Heat Pumps Association (EHPA) and representatives of REHVA member companies.

Book Review p. 88

«Water Supply and Sewage of Public Buildings» – book by A. A. Otstavnov, leading scientific associates of HUP «NIIMosstroy», gives a comprehensive overview of the questions related to the water supply and sewage systems. Recommendations for design and operation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in medical and preventive treatment institutions are given in six chapters of the book by A. P. Borisoglebskaya «Medical and Preventive Treatment Institutions. General Requirements for Design of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems».

Professional Society: ABOK p. 90

ABOK is Associate member of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) (since 1991) and a member of Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Associations (REHVA) (since 1990).