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Spring 2014


National Green Technologies Implementation Strategy p. 6

On the initiative of the Committee on Housing Policy and Utility Services on 2 April 2014 the State Duma of the Russian Federation held round table on «Preparation of the project “National Strategy for Implementation Energy resources and Environmentally Friendly (green) Technologies and Productions in Construction and Housing and Utilities Complex».


Eightedges – New Crystal on the Bank of Neva p. 14

Vladimir Ustinov, Evgeniya Ramozanova

Located in the central part of St. Petersburg, class A business center Eightedges is an excellent example of sustainable construction in the modern Russian realities.
Designed by Grimshaw Architects in accordance with BCO‑2009 requirements, Eightedges is one of the most successful projects on commercial real estate market of St. Petersburg. Project have been applied on LEED certification from the early beginning of development and Green Technologies are widely used both in architectural solutions and in MEP systems.


Implementation of Green and Energy-Saving Technologies in Krasnodar Region pp. 20, 98

Nikolay Denisov

A report dedicated to this sub-project was presented at a round table discussion that focused on the preparation of the National Strategy for Implementation of Environment-Friendly and Green Technologies in the Public Housing, Utilities and Amenities Sector.


Impatient Optimism p. 26

Peter Alspach, Anne Marie Moellenberndt

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation campus houses the largest private philanthropy in the world. The Foundation wanted a home that reflects its local roots and its global mission. So, the project team developed a framework for sustainable design, with three key priorities: the human environment, the local ecosystem, and a climate neutral future.


Green Building in Russia – Initial Findings p. 38

Guy Eames, Mazar Ali, Elbira Burganova, Adela Kondic, Sergey Madaminov

This article summarises the research project conducted by Masters students and led by Green Building specialist Guy Eames (Feb. 2013) into the actual achievements of green building projects in Russia. It examines technical solutions chosen by the project owners and the actual or anticipated results in terms of resources used or socio-economic results. Green Building Council Russia (RuGBC) is open to facilitating such cooperation.


Adapting to Climate p. 46

Sankalpan Infrastructure Pvt Ltd Bayer AG «Adapting a building to the climate is better than adapting the climate to a building» is an apt slogan of Bayer Material Science’s EcoCommercial Building Program.


Alternative Energy in Russia p. 50

Victor Andrienko

One of the main trends of the modern world – active shift of the constantly growing energy use towards alternative energy sources. Some positive changes can be seen in Russia as well.


Mathematic Modeling of Building Energy Use: Development Perspectives p. 58

Jan Hensen, Jenneke Verkerk-Evers, Adelya Khayrullina

Architecture and construction industry accounts for the biggest share of the energy demand in Netherlands and requires implementation of measures to reduce the energy use. At the same time we have to guarantee healthy and comfortable environment inside.


Modern Trends of the Climate Equipment in Russia: Market Analysis and Forecasts p. 66

Independent expert, Director of «Litvinchuk marketing» company Georgy Litvinchuk shares his vision of the national climate equipment market development in the future, its specifics and main difficulties.


Heat Recuperators in Multistory Residential Buildings p. 74

Use of exhaust air heat recuperators in ventilation systems is one of the activities aimed at reduction of the building energy use. Russian designers today have accumulated significant experience in application of these systems, in particular, in multistory residential buildings.

Seeing Red over Green Roofs p. 84

Joseph W. Lstiburek

Green construction becomes more popular and demanded each year all over the world. Joseph Listiburek, well known construction expert, offers his view, which differs from the generally accepted optimistic trends towards erection and functioning of green roofs.


Book Review p. 92

Updated edition of recommendations R NP AVOK 5.5.1–2014 “Calculation of the parameters of smoke protection systems in residential and public buildings” came out.
Famous specialists from Scandinavian countries – Hakon Skistad (editor), Elisabeth Mundt, Peter Nielsen, Kim Hagstrem, Jorma Rajlio – co-authors of reference book “Displacement ventilation in nonproduction buildings.” Acquaintance of the Russian specialists with European guidelines will be useful and offer practical assistance in designing of the displacement ventilation.

Education for Green Building – the Start of a New Era p. 94

Guy Eames