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№3 2021

Spring 2015


Shaped to Perform p. 6

Charles Q. Chaloeicheep, P.E.; Christopher Flint Chatto, Edward Clark

Echoing the ever-changing waterway that passes the Seattle district headquarters of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the «oxbow» shape of the USACE’s new building represents the transformation from a «silo» office culture to an integrated community.

UWC International School in Dilijan. BREEAM certification p. 16

Igor Reunov

UWC International School in Dilijan (Armenia) is the first in CIS projects implemented in the academic programs of Cambridge. Already in the first year, the school received students from 48 countries, including Europe, North and South America.

Heat points for the school in Dilijan p. 26

The school is equipped with the newest in Dilijan heat supply systems.

Engineering equipment of the stadium «Zenit – Arena» p. 30

Stadium on Krestovsky Island in St. Petersburg today – the most complex and ambitious project in the field of sports infrastructure in Russia and one of the most technically notable sports venues in the world. The article describes the particularities of the engineering solutions.

Stadium heating: hot on the field, warm on the stand p. 40

The heat supply system is a «circulatory system» of any building in Russian climate. Nord Company LLC works on heat supply of the stadium including the construction of two boiler-houses (main and emergency), heating units and heating networks that will provide spectators and sportsmen with comfortable conditions.

Fountain complex will take its historical place p.46

The architectural «highlight» of the new stadium «Zenit – Arena» will become a fountain complex system of cascades of stairs.

New series turnstilesSpeedlane Lifeline p. 52

It interacts with both worlds to ensure the right people are channelled to the right place, placing the control of the entry in its hands. In fitting with the latest design trends, the Speedlane Lifeline Series is available with the current trending color finishes.

Heat insulation for engineering systems. Thermaflex p. 62

Water resistant heat insulation with closed cell structure made of foamed polyolefin for indoor and outdoor engineering application. Sustainable solutions based on Russian production and european technologies.

Air Duct Leakage – how to test tightness class p. 66

 Vladimir Ustinov

Article describe current situation with tightness of Air Duct Systems in Russia. Before 2012 national design standards used old methodology based on two tightness classes (Normal and Tight). New revision of national HVAC design standard (SP60.13330.2012) introduce European tightness classes A, B, C and D. According to new rules most ventilation systems should meet requirements of class A. Ventilation systems with requirements for fire resistance require class B. Maximal leakage in system should be below 6 %.

Designing the microclimate p. 72

Yasin Toparlar, Burt Bloken, Adelya Khayrullina

People spend most of their times inside built environments, where many mechanical and electrical features work intensively to provide a certain level of comfort for the users. Essentially, all these systems operate depending on the microclimatic conditions occurring outside the buildings. If we can successfully design these systems for optimum conditions, can we also design the effective microclimate?

Wooden Skyscrapers p. 80

Vladimir Ustinov

The idea of construction of wooden skyscrapers has put down its roots in heads of modern architects, in spite of legislative restrictions in place in many countries all over the world.

Ventilated windows – the part of active energy conservation p. 86

Fundamentally new window design used in the active energy concervation that can be one of the alternative solutions for energy-efficient construction.

Russian green standard stadiums 2018 p. 98

The headquarters of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Local Organising Committee (LOC) hosted a workshop on applying green construction standards to preparations for Russia 2018.