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№3 2021

Fall 2014


Professional Society pp. 6, 88

«Moscow – Energy Efficient City. Demonstration of the Engineering Art and Innovative Technologies» – the brightest and most significant Moscow autumn event in the energy efficiency and energy conservation area. The participants’ attention was especially drawn to the experience in construction of energy efficient buildings and structures.

Selection of Energy Efficient Ventilation Equipment p. 14

Vyacheslav Karadzhi, Yury Moskovko

Successful operation of a ventilation system strongly depends on the successful selection of fan in the system. Ventilation equipment specialists Vyacheslav Georgiyevich Karadzhi and Yury Georgiyevich Moskovko discuss efficiency of ventilation systems and common mistakes of the manufacturers.

Burj Khalifa. At the Record Height of High Technologies p. 22

Mikhail Efremov

Volume and speed of construction in Dubai boggle the imagination. Burj Khalifa became the center of the grand construction – the tallest skyscraper in the world. This is the result of the last historical leap of the building engineering idea.

Energy Efficiency, Life-Cycle Costs and Green Standards p. 34

Alexander Naumov, Dmitry Capco, Olga Sudiyina

This article describes how to minimize the life cycle costs of the facilities and increase the investor’s interest in the energy efficient construction. Increase in the selling price of an energy efficient building compared to the traditional houses can become the mechanism for attraction of the investors.

Ventilation in Wonderland p. 42

Michael Donnolo, Vincent Galatro, Lucas Janes

Building sustainable office towers doesn’t end with design, construction and commissioning. The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park demonstrates the complexities of sustainable design and ongoing efforts to improve energy efficiency in a modern office tower.

Energy Efficient Solutions in Main Office of Rosbank p. 54

Martin Bismark

The business centre «Domnikov» is one of the biggest office complexes class A in Moscow. This complex of three buildings is equipped with modern building automation systems EY3600 and modulo5 of the Swiss producer Sauter.

Automation of MMArena Utility System p. 58

Saia-Burgess (SBC) «open automation» technology provides comprehensive possibilities for integration of various intellectual elements and systems. Such approach allows for precise and smooth operation of the utility systems.

Smart Energy-Efficient Energy-Saving Environmentally Friendly House p. 62

Vladimir Parshukov, Vladimir Irha, Sergey Dudnikov, Anton Ryzhkov

The new concept of smart energy-efficient and energy-saving environmental building – developed by LTD «Donskie technologii» and complies with the highest international standards of construction.

From an Industrial Warehouse to the Sports Hall p. 66

Maria Penttila, Ralph Carlsson, Andrei Leventcov

In the Finnish town of Porvoo one industrial facility was successfully renovated. Researches have shown how energy efficiency of the building improved after the change of its purpose and renovation of engineering systems.

Using Building Simulation for Moving Innovations Across the «Death Valley» p. 72

Jan Hensen, Roel Loonen, Maria Archontiki, Michalis Kanellis, Adelya Khayrullina

The «Death Valley» is known as a metaphor for the lack of resources and expertise that impedes new ideas in their transition from lab to market. This gap also hinders innovation and adoption of new technologies for improved energy efficiency in buildings. This paper presents why and how building simulation can help close this gap.

Information Modeling for Sports and Concert Complex Tyumen-Arena p. 80

Tyumen-Arena Sports and Concert Complex design project is awarded first prize in Civil Construction nomination at the annual contest Autodesk Innovation Awards Russia – 2014.

Book Review p. 86

Book by V. G. Karadzhi and Yu. G. Moskovko «Ventilation Equipment. Technical Recommendations for Designers and Installers» – guide on the modern ventilation equipment used in construction. «Ventilation Aerodynamics» by V. N. Posohin – the  publication is dedicated to the aerodynamic aspects of ventilation elements and systems calculation. «Building Performance Simulation for Design and Operation» under the editorship of Jan Hansen and Roberto Lamberts – the book is collective work of the leading experts in construction and mathematical modeling.

Sustainability and Green Development in Russia. Trends and Forecasts p. 90

Tom Mundy, Ksenia Agapova, Alexander Сhurikov, Gyunay Guseynova

In recent years real estate developers in mature markets, particularly the US and the UK have been attaching increasing importance to the question of sustainable development. In this paper, we look in more detail at the growth of sustainable development in Moscow and assess the relative advantages to both landlords and tenants of sustainability certification.