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№ 1 2023

About SBT

Dear colleagues,

Let me introduce you to the new electronic Russian resource "Sustainable Building Technologies" SBT, which you can safely browse, download and read online from www.zvt.abok.ru and easy flipping through the publication on your laptops, smart phones and tablets.

The resource is issued by ABOK - noncommercial partnership of engineers - well known and recognized among 50 000 professionals all over Russia. The resource is mainly directed to the audience of 50 000 engineers in Russia who is responsible for making all engineering decisions on projects in the country as well as for choosing the particular equipment and other design-and-construction issues and approaches.

The process of building sustainable environment is in the focus of the resource. The sustainability in construction is considered from the point of view of all professionals involved in its creation stream (investors, developers, architects, designers, consultants, economists, engineers, assessors, manufacturers, commissioners, operation managers and of course decision makers at all levels).

We look forward to a wide professional audience - receptive to anything new and substantiated by 100%.  That is why we have launched this project  www.zvt.abok.ru.

On the pages of the internet resource we intent to introduce you to the most vivid viable and profitable examples of high and green technologies implemented in design-construction-and-operation stages of the building process, as well as all technical and economical details of those technologies that make the built cases energy efficient, functional, yet comfortable.

The internet resource is mainly in Russian 

I hope our internet resourcewill be your source for professional viable choice and inspiration for decisions. As minimum it could give you an awareness of the world class green trends in design and construction and its capacities for implementation in Russia. Welcome to subscribe for free at:  zvt.abok.ru.

I will be glad for your offers and comments. Please feel free to contact to me.

Marianna Brodach,
The chief editor of  internet resource 
"Sustainable Building Technologies",
Vice president of "ABOK"
Professor of Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy),

ABOK turns 25. Our values

ABOK is the first public organization in our industry unanimously and voluntarily established by representatives of all USSR Republics on 22–23 January 1990.

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