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Sustainable building technologies 2-2020

William Herschel's Legacy - thermography protects against a pandemic   p. 10

At first sight there is an evident solution in the article. But it has started more earlier than two years to be needful in pandemics time.

The core of solution for epidemiological control IRT S2 are infrared measurements and neural networks.

The economic effect of using a similar solutions is unmistakable. You can detected a human with high temperature before he will infects somebody. And you can make a temperature screening for a lot of people in one moment by 80 Hz frame rate of ir-camera.

Temporary guidelines of the Russian Ministry of Health “Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).   p. 14

Comments of experts.

COVID -19. On the "benefits" of airing in infectious boxes and wards   p. 20

In the publication “Temporary guidelines. Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a new coronavirus infection (Covid -19) "states that" the use of the maximum possible natural ventilation regimes allows a sharp decrease in the concentration of infectious aerosol in indoor air and, accordingly, sharply reduce the risk of spreading infections through the air ..., the use of various kinds of local air purifiers not an effective measure to reduce the risk of airborne infections, including COVID-19, due to insufficient productivity (air indoor exchange). ” Let's understand step by step and, most importantly, relying on existing regulatory documents.

Modern hospitals: health, safety, comfort and energy saving   p. 24 

As the general trends affecting the Healthcare segment, we can name the increase in the number and at the same time the aging of the population: according to demographic forecasts, the population of the Earth may double by 2050 [1]. The role of urbanization should not be ruled out: most people live in cities or large metropolitan areas, where the environment is not always favorable and can negatively affect health. All this means that the flow of people in need of medical services will constantly increase. And more adapted to the increasing influx of patients and their requests will be those medical facilities that will begin to introduce innovative approaches to increase the efficiency of their activities.

How myths and legends are created. ABOK comment   p. 28

We offer a specialist response to two questions:

1. Is it possible to leave in a residential building without ventilation?

2. Why are housing and communal services employees not responding to appeals?

To help the designer   p. 32

Calculation and design of controlled natural and hybrid ventilation in multi-story residential buildings

Buildings against viruses   p. 34

This article contains information on possible risks associated with the quality of the internal environment and the criteria of the WELL standard, which allow us to determine ways to minimize these risks.

Microclimate for the production of unique Russian cheeses   p. 42

Modern food production is impossible without the use of high technology. We illustrate this with the example of a cheese factory, where an air conditioning system was implemented that meets the most stringent requirements of GHP (Good Hygiene Practice) - a system for ensuring the quality and safety of food products, based on a combination of ISO 9001: 2008 and GMP standards.

Outlet Village Belaya Dacha: how to become an “excellent student”   p. 52

Outlet Village Belaya Dacha was the first shopping center in Russia to receive Excellent rating in two categories - Asset and Building Management (technical condition and operation of the building) as part of BREEAM In-Use International certification. We understand how we managed to get such a high rating and how, in general, this object is remarkable.

The role of sun protection in the Smart Home concept   p. 56

The use of sun protection devices can significantly increase the level of comfort in the premises and reduce energy costs for the climate control system of the building. The relevance of this problem is increasing in connection with the development of the concept of "smart home". What should be smart sun protection?

Houseboat - solving environmental and energy efficiency issues without losing comfort   p. 56

The article shows the advantage of houseboats in terms of energy efficiency, in particular, the ability to provide autonomous energy supply through innovative engineering solutions that meet the requirements for sustainable development and energy conservation.

NEOPOLE - forming a model of the future Russian village   p. 62

Today, such a phenomenon as the outflow of the population from cities to the countryside is gaining more and more development. We will demonstrate on a number of examples how rural life can become a model of ecological existence in the future, as well as formulate the principles for creating a new architectural and design environment for the Russian countryside.

Automated engineering systems during the restoration of the church building in the village of  Dolskoye   p. 68

The restoration and further exploitation of cultural heritage sites is not an easy task for an architect, designer and engineer. In addition to the restoration of internal and external building envelopes, it is necessary to develop a project for engineering systems to ensure a favorable indoor microclimate. Let us consider possible solutions for the design of engineering networks for the Dolskoye estate building, located in the Kaluga Region.

Alternative energy supply of buildings in the formation of the artistic image of Russian embankments   p. 74

The use of alternative energy is among the main ways to solve the problem of increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and structures. In this regard, the architect faces the task of ensuring the expressiveness of buildings using renewable energy sources and developing artistic techniques for integrating alternative energy facilities into architecture.

Symbiosis of residential and public spaces - the path to harmony   p. 82

The development of mixed use of space is a practice that allows several functional tasks to be performed simultaneously in a building or complex of buildings. The result of this concept is to reduce the distance between places of work, residence and rest, which is important to improve the level and convenience of citizens.

The International Ventilation Congress AirVent   p. 88

On February 12, 2020 the International Ventilation Congress AirVent ran successfully already in the third time within the Aquatherm Moscow exhibition. The event brought together designers and business professionals, engineers and architects on the one platform, which allowed to exchange technical information, new ideas and discuss the latest achievements in the field of engineering equipment of buildings of the future.