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Spring 2013

Summary of the spring 2013 issue «Sustainable Building Technologies».

«Pulkovo Sky»: New Standards of Comfort Climate

Vladimir Ustinov, VISKO

«Pulkovo Sky» is a leader in Saint-Petersburg business centers rating prepared by the leading commercial real estate independed magazine in Russia. Rating was based on tenants opinion. Article describes main engineering solutions used in design and construction of business center. Special attention is given for ventilation and air conditioning system realized with active chilled beams technology and for high level automation and dispatching of engineering systems implemented in building.

Passive Multistory Buildings

Yury Andreevich Tabunschikov, Professor, Corresponding member of RAASN (Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Science), President of NP «ABOK»
Marianna Brodach, Professor, Vice-President NP «ABOK»

The European construction industry has been building so called passive buildings for over 20 years. These buildings received such name because their heating and cooling practically does not require active heating and cooling systems.

Sustainable Development of Russia. Thoughts Aloud

Tsytsin, Tsytsin’s Architecture Workshop

In this article you won’t find anything about energy efficient buildings. The subject of the article will not be sustainability of a single structure or any of its part, but sustainable development of the entire country – Russia – as administrative and territorial integrity within its current borders.

Resourceful by Nature

Randolph R. Croxton, FAIA

Founded in 1970 by a group of law students and attorneys, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) helped write some of America’s bedrock environment laws. Today’s NRDC has a staff of more than 300 lawyers, scientists and policy experts, supported by 1.3 million members and online activists. They collectively work to curb global warming in six national and international offices. NRDC’s mission is to create a clean energy future, revive the world’s oceans, prevent pollution, defend endangered wildlife and foster sustainable communities.

When the temperature rises above 40 degrees

Halvor Røstad

The first you think about when you hear the word Saudi Arabia is scorching heat, and dry climate with summer temperatures above 40 degrees. When you think about Karasjok you think about freezing winter temperatures down to minus 50, a difference of 90 degrees in outdoor temperatures. Strangely enough they have something in common; when there is extreme temperatures most of us stay indoors. In Karasjok you usually start the car some time in advance to heat the car. In Saudi Arabia you start the car earlier to cool it down before you enter it. As part of a visit to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), near Jeddah between Mecca and Medina by the Red Sea, it was interesting to learn how they protect themselves and overcome the intense heat. This is an issue that is almost unknown to us living in Scandinavia.

Enhancing Sustainability and Eco-Living with Technosphere

James Law, Chairman and Chief Cybertect, James Law Cybertecture International

In essence, the role of the exterior building façade, i. e. the skin or living envelope has always been central to the creation of habitat spaces, and serves a mitigating effect on different climatic, weather and ecological situations in different sites over time. In light of Cybertecture’s circular Diagrid and glass technology, the development of such envelopes has significantly evolved from a building based on the natural available skills and materials of that locality. For the 21st Century, Cybertecture buildings and envelopes are moving away from being just predominantly the aesthetic content of a building, with an ambition to be overflowing with new forms of green house technology surrounding solar, glass and heat diffusion techniques.

Energy Efficient Gated Estate

Barviha Hills Estate brings together interesting architectural solution and modern sustainable living environment development principles. A unique feature of the Estate – a system of underground roads that connect all houses in the Estate and completely eliminate aboveground road traffic.

The Estate design became a nominee of the first international review-contest «Green construction. Technologies and architecture», and won in the nomination «Gated Estate with High Environmental and Energy efficiency».

Energy Efficient Building in the Novosibirsk Region

The first in the region energy efficient building was built in the Novosibirsk region. The new building is not only equipped with innovative engineering equipment, but also has a modern management system.

For the use of innovative technologies the project was distinguished at the international review-contest «Green construction. Technologies and architecture».

Mathematic Modeling of Factory’s Ventilation System

Daria Denisihina, Maria Lukanina, Michael Samoletov (CJSC «BUREA TECHNIKI-PROEKT”)

In the modern world it is already impossible to do without mathematical simulation of airflow in design of ventilation systems. Ordinary engineering methods are absolutely suitable for typical rooms and standard solutions in air distribution. But when the designer faces non-standard objects, the methods of mathematical simulation are found to be a perfect instrument to cope with all difficulties.

«Sparrow Hills». Operating experience

Over eight years of operation the engineering systems of the multifunctional high-rise complex «Sparrow Hills» have demonstrated good work results. The Efficient work of all engineering systems of the high-rise complex that offers high level of living comfort is achieved not only due to good design solutions, correct installation and tuning of the equipment, but also due to proper operation of these systems.


Letschberg Tunnel: Implementation of the Economy Principles

Base tunnel Letschberg in Switzerland that passes through the bottom part of Alpine mountain ridge was opened on 16 June 2007. Only two years after its opening it became clear that the maintenance costs of the engineering equipment are twice as high as the cost of main operations (management, power supply). After thorough examination of the current situation the company responsible for the tunnel maintenance decided to implement a management technology for this facility.


Manager’s Portrait

General Director of LLC « Vaillant Group Rus» Maxim Shahov talks about being true to the traditions, social responsibility, attention for the people, belief in miracles as the business driver, and about why a strategy is more important than the here-and-now profit.

Innovation Technologies

In this heading you can read about such innovation technologies as ecoparking and solar thermal roof.

Question to Expert

Question for the Expert

In March of 2013 NP AVOK held a Webinar «Analysis of engineering solutions of multistory buildings based on the results of their operation», where lecturers A. N. Kolubkov and S. G. Nikitin shared their experience in design and operation of heating, ventilation, water supply and sewage systems of high-rise buildings and answered name interesting and relevant questions.

Workshop «New normative requirements for fire safety of residential and public buildings», dedicated to publication of the new edition of the regulations, took place on 22 April 2013. Watch and listen to answers to the questions brought up during these events.


Book Review

The book «Engineering equipment for high-rise building» from Technical Library of ABOK provides the first summary of Russian experience in design and operation of high-rise buildings.

ABOK presents the R NP «АВОК» 2.3–2012 «Heat loss and heating system load calculations manual for residential and commercial institutional buildings». A program is currently being prepared that implements the calculation method given in the recommendations.