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"Sustainable Building Technologies" 2/2019


On May 15, in Moscow, in the framework of the exhibition “ARCH Moscow - 2019”, a conference “Engineering Sustainable Architecture” was held, organized jointly by NP “ABOK” and MARHI. The main objective of the conference is to consider new approaches to a sustainable architecture based on the use of advanced engineering and digital technologies, which make it possible to create an economically safe and comfortable environment. Thanks to the assembled best representatives of the architectural and engineering beau monde of the capital, the task of the conference was successfully completed.

ABOK investment forum      p.14

NP "ABOK" initiated an investment forum within the framework of the XXXVI conference and exhibition "Smart technologies of Moscow – an energy-efficient city", which will be held on October 23-25, 2019, the purpose of which is to demonstrate smart technologies offered by small and medium-sized businesses and stimulate their implementation in housing and communal services. The idea was supported by the Complex of municipal economy of  Moscow.


In Russia, a growing number of buildings whose owners are interested in their certification in accordance with the requirements of green standards. This allows solving environmental problems, to increase the commercial component of the construction project and reduce its energy consumption. For the contractor, participation in projects that involve green certification means an opportunity for professional growth and additional competitive advantages.


Most of their lives people have to spend in buildings: at home, at work, in public places, etc. Therefore, it is important to have a healthy indoor climate, a sense of comfort and high productivity. These conditions are interrelated. An important role in addressing these issues is played by devices, tools and automation systems

Green standards increase the attractiveness of shopping and entertainment complexes     p. 28

In the mid-1990s, the first modern shopping centers appeared in Moscow – large shopping and entertainment complex (shopping Mall). In addition to shops, the Mall can be a cafe, bars, casinos, cinema, bowling, Parking for personal vehicles buyers. The building of the shopping Mall involves the presence of quite complex ventilation and air conditioning systems, refrigeration equipment, vertical transport systems – escalators, travolators and elevators, and many other engineering systems. Such complexes require special architectural approaches and engineering solutions.

HEALTHY ENERGY EFFICIENCY. Tips for designing energy-efficient and health-promoting health facilities     p. 34

This article is aimed at the formation of the primary idea of energy efficiency and focuses on the implementation of low-cost solutions in the design and construction of new medical institutions.

Analysis of the rating estimation of Sustainability in building construction STO NOSTROY 2.35.4-2011 in the category of comfort and quality of the environment     p. 38

Sustainable development of the human environment is the basic principle of the rating system of evaluation of buildings and structures. In Russia, the criteria for assessing the sustainability of the environment are formulated by the first national green standard was STO NOSTROY 2.35.4-2011 "Green building. Buildings and civil construction. Rating rating estimation of Sustainability in building construction".


The applying of renewable energy sources on marine oil producing platforms    p. 46

In the life of modern society, the leading role of the economy belongs to energy resources - oil and natural gas, which are extracted by marine oil platforms. Currently, installations are equipped with standard engineering equipment. Based on this, it is possible to use renewable energy sources that will improve offshore drilling platforms.

Manor house Dolskoe. Heating of the main house       p. 54

Many cultural heritage sites of exceptional historical and artistic value are now in disrepair and are being rapidly destroyed. Such monuments of architecture applies the estate ensemble in the village Dolskoe Kaluga region is an outstanding object of cultural heritage of Federal significance.