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"Sustainable Building Technologies" 1/2019

ABOK Standards - New Technology Drivers.       p. 8
The development and publication of Standards and Guidelines by professional scientific and technical organizations
and associations like ABOK is a flexible tool for updating current regulatory documents and creating the
missing ones. Such professional standards due to the high authority of development organizations are widely
used in the practice of design and construction and often serve as the basis for the relevant national standards.

Globus Hypermarket – Germany Kaizen System for Green Construction.      p. 14
In Russia there is a growing number of projects, where measures for minimization of energy use and negative
impact on the environment, as well as ensuring high quality of the living environment are implemented
at the design stage or during operation. As a result of application of Kaizen system, such buildings start
using energy and resources, as well as finances more efficient. One of such projects is Globus Hypermarket
in Kotelniki, certified under BREEAM International 2016 New Construction system and awarded Very Good

Energy and Resources Conservation in Argoidustrial Complex: Architect’s Outlook      p. 22
Today there are different forms of ownership and management in agriculture. First of all, this is individual form:
a house with a land plot, household farm designed practically exclusively for own individual consumption. Second
type — family production, private farm, when agricultural products are produced for sale. And third form
— collective enterprise. When we are talking about design of large agricultural facilities, such as poultry farms or
greenhouse complex, the issues of energy and resources conservation become determinative.


Improvement of Energy Efficiency of Heating Systems. Market Development,Technology Advancements and European Reference Points      p. 26

Plans for reduction of hazardous emissions will inevitably affect the main energy consuming industries. With
such overlook it quickly becomes clear that Eurasians in the North hemisphere spend about one third of used energy on space heating and hot water generation. Heating is the biggest energy consuming industry in Europe and Asia.

Building codes like poetry. Philip Ram      p. 32
In 2009, in the Danish Museum of Contemporary Art Louisiana (Louisiana Museum of Modern Art), in the
framework of the exhibition “Green Architecture for the Future”, architect Philippe Rahm suggested what living
space would look like if it were not tied to floor surfaces and walls.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Copenhagen Airport      p. 42
Thanks to the implementation of building information modeling (BIM) processes for projects at Copenhagen
airport, it was possible to reduce risks and the estimated cost of work. Successful introduction of the new approach
opens up prospects for the information modeling of other objects in Denmark.

International Ventilation Congress      p. 46
The international ventilation congress AIRVent was held on February 13 at the Aquatherm Moscow exhibition
site. Congress organizers: Russian Society of HVAC Engineers (ABOK), Reed Exhibitions, ITE. Its distinguishing
feature was the unique composition of authoritative representatives of the international professional community.
The congress gathered more than 400 specialists.

Reconstruction of industrial facilities in the context of sustainable development      p. 52
How does the reconstruction of industrial facilities meet the trends of sustainable development? What is
meant by “sustainable”, “sustainable building”, “sustainable environment”? How are energy efficiency and
“sustainable” recovery correlated? These issues are considered on the example of two objects - the former salt
warehouse in Vancouver (Canada) and the former power station in St. Louis (USA).

Resource-saving technologies of a recreational complex on the shores of Kolyvanskoe lake      p. 60
The article analyzes the international experience of designing recreational complexes using resource-saving technologies.
The application of these technologies in the complex on the shores of Kolyvanskoe lake is considered.

Arrangement of alternative hydrothermal power plants to provide electricity to research complexes in the Arctic      p. 66
The article describes the causes of the arrangement hydrothermal power plants in the Arctic region
and the scheme of their work.

Resource-saving technologies in experimental design concepts      p. 74
The growth of energy consumption, the problem of the greenhouse effect and the limited reserves of traditional
energy resources stimulate humankind to develop new technologies that allow to obtain clean energy
from alternative renewable sources, and also to economically use it.

Reduction of energy consumption in airports      p. 82
This article considers the system how to use green construction at airports. It also discusses examples of airports
around the world, that have established and use in their terminals systems of reducing energy consumption.
High technologies of engineering systems of buildings –

Russian Society of HVAC Engineers (ABOK) Conference in Uzbekistan      p. 90
For the first time the international conference ABOK “High technologies of engineering systems for residential
and public buildings. The design, installation, operation” was held as part of the business program of the international
exhibition Aquatherm Tashkent on February 28, 2019.