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№3 2021

Summary 2 2018

"Sustainable Building Technologies" 2/2018

The new standard "Museums. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning".    p. 4

Marianna Brodach

Specialists of NP "ABOK", who have extensive experience in the development of regulatory documents, are introducing a new standard that has no analogues "Museums. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning ", taking into account the specificity of museum buildings and the need to preserve museum collections and museum funds by creating and maintaining the necessary microclimate parameters for these purposes.

The Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum    p. 10

Roger Chang

Home to the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s arts and crafts program since 1972, the Renwick Gallery was built in 1859 as the original Corcoran Gallery of Art. It is a principal structure in the Smithsonian Institution portfolio, based on the era of construction and its historic significance as the first purpose-built art museum in America.

The building was originally designed by James Renwick, Jr., the architect of the Smithsonian’s “Castle” and St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. It is often referred to as the American Louvre, with many similarities to the Second Empire Style Tuileries Gallery of the Louvre in France. The building was at risk of being demolished in the 1960s to make room for a new government facility. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy led a successful campaign to bring new stewardship to the facility, including a modernization to restore the building’s use as a museum.

Experience in designing and building high-yield housing in Singapore   p. 22

Elena Generalova, Viktor Generalov

By population density, which is more than 7 000 people per 1 km2, this is the second country in the world. At the same time, the distribution of the population across the territory is extremely uneven, the most populated is the southern part of the island, where two-thirds of the total population of the republic is concentrated. Therefore, when solving the housing problem in Singapore, emphasis was placed on high-rise buildings both by microdistricts and residential complexes.


A new skyscraper on an old foundation. Experience of London 22 Bishopsgate   p. 36

Andrei Shelekhov

Skyscraper 22 Bishopsgate in the business district of the British capital has not yet been completed, but has already earned the title of the first "vertical village" in London. What peculiarities did designers face of an unusual building and how they managed to reduce the cost of project development and reduce the simulation time by 40%?

Opinion of experts   p. 40

On April 19, 2018, the RF Government issued Order No. 703-r on approval of the Comprehensive Plan of Measures to Improve the Energy Efficiency of the Russian Federation's Economy. The magazine "Sustainable Building Technologies" invited business representatives to discuss both the target indicators of the Plan and its individual activities.

The concept of engineering equipment in the era of the new digital nature.   p. 44

Popovich M.I, Stamenkovich M.Z., Cheban A.N

This article explores the emergence of a new "digital nature", the impact on

society's life, architecture, the transition to a new way of life and integration of digital

technologies in engineering systems.

Engineering equipment of hybrid buildings   p. 52

Yu.S. Pushkin; V.V. Kiselev

The article considers the option of building an energy efficient building using the example of a public hybrid building. The project solution is presented, as well as the prospects for the development of engineering equipment of buildings based on the use of environmentally friendly renewable energy sources.

Conference ABOK - "Sustainable Building Technologies" p. 60

April 19, 2018 is traditionally part of the business program of the international exhibition Aquatherm St. Petersburg Conference ABOK "Sustainable Building Technologies". The conference brought together 185 specialists from 16 cities of Russia and abroad.