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№3 2021

Summary winter


"Zenith Arena" - "Gold" according to the standard "RUSO. Football stadiums."   p. 6

Dmitry Kapko

The use of resource-efficient architectural, engineering solutions and technologies and the introduction of environmentally responsible approaches in the construction and operation of the stadium made it possible for Zenit Arena to obtain a Gold certificate according to the standard "RUSO. Footballstadiums."


NEST - Swiss platform for the development of future construction.   p. 14

Martin Bismark

In Switzerland, the idea of creating a platform that could shorten the time between the emergence of the idea and its embodiment was born.


Merchant Square. How to design a new London attraction.   p. 20

Andrei Shelekhov

In London, a new urban space will appear. The most interesting thing about the Merchant Square project is in this publication


Glass yesterday, today, tomorrow.   p. 26

It is not difficult to notice a pronounced tendency to increase the use of glass. Although,in the past glass was used only for filling window openings and stained-glass constructions, today glass is considered as a wall and decorative material.


Influence of the building's glazing characteristics on energy consumption in heating and cooling systems.    p. 36

S. Paulauskaite, V. Sasnauskaite, K. Valancius

One of the measures aimed to reduce the energy costs of the building for heating, cooling and lighting is the rational use of glass facades of buildings.


Features of shading solar systems.    p. 42

Shading solar systems regulate the amount of heat and intensity of lighting coming into the building from solar radiation, contributing to the solutionof issues of energy conservation and improving the level of climatic comfort in the premises.


Lighting control for increasing the comfort of the light-colored environment and human performance.   p. 48

S. Gvozdev

The most important part of the development of lighting is the joint solution of issues of energy conservation and maintenance of normal life and human health. In 2010, VNISI specialists were studying these issues within the framework of the Mars-500 project.

Сonferences ABOK.   p. 52

In February, 2018, within the framework of the exhibitions Aquatherm Moscow, Aquatherm Novosibirsk and "World of Climate" four conferences, organized by NP "ABOK", were held. The events were united by more than 1000 specialists from Russia and abroad.

Results of the forum "Ecotech".   p. 58

The final events of the Year of Ecology, held jointly: the International Exhibition and Forum "Ecotech" and the 5th All-Russian Congress on Environmental Protection, have become the largest in the history of Russia and have ensured the international recognition of the Russian Federation as one of the leading states in the field of nature protection. The proposals and approaches formulated at the Forum will form the basis for the formation of Russia's state policy in the field of environmental protection and the transition to a green economy.