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Summary of the winter 2013 issue «Sustainable Building Technologies».

Welcome Speech from Keynote Leaders of High-Tech Building Trends in the World.

Under the heading «Leaders of High-Tech Building» we present to you the words of welcome of Yuri Tabunshchikov (АВОК), Boris Ivanov («Russian Railways »), W. Stephen Comstock (High Performing Buildings), Guy Eames (RuGBC), Rashid Ismailov (NP «Green Standards centre»), Fegan Ganbar Alliev (IEA), Rob Watson (LEED), Werner Sobek (DGNB), Martin Townsend (BREEAM), etc.


«High» and «Low» Technology

Andrey V. Bokov, President of the Union of Architects of Russia

High technology is a continuous race for all new design solutions. It is a continuous change, the desire for something more efficient, high-quality, advanced. Low technology calls for a certain return to the natural and the natural way of life.


Green Building Market Situation in Russia

Marianna Brodach, Professor, Vice-President ABOK
Guy Eames, CEO Green Building Council Russia, MSc

Russia is catching up quickly with the mature green building markets. The number of buildings certified to LEED and BREEAM is growing weekly. National Green Building Standards have been developed and are coming into force GOST R 54964–2012 «Environmental requirements for real estate» and the National standards STO NOSTROY 2.35.4–2011 «Green building. Buildings and civil construction. Rating system for evaluation sustainability of residential and public buildings» and STO NOSTROY 2.35.69–2012 «Green building. Buildings and civil construction. Consideration of regional characteristics in the rating estimation of sustainability in building construction». DGNB the German standard is also known on the market. A Localised Passive House Standard is being implemented.


Window as Part of the High-Tech Building

Yury Andreevich Tabunschikov, Professor, Corresponding member of RAASN (Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Science), President of NP «ABOK»

Modern construction industry is being developed intensively towards the increasing use of translucent envelopes. There is such a concept as a «room/house under glass» in architecture or speaking in the other way it is a bio-climatic architecture in which glass exterior fence is 100% envelope. Just look at the high-rise buildings in New Arbat street in Moscow – House of Music and a hotel at Paveletsky station complex which is under construction or high-rise buildings in Moscow City area. In all of those projects the area of glazing is significantly dominant in the building envelope. Those buildings look great at night and for sure they are architectural decoration of the city. But people think rarely that a window as translucent exterior cladding element plays a very important role in the indoor environment.


Innovative Railway Station Complexes in Sochi

New station complexes «Adler» and «Olympic Park» will be the largest and most important railway stations in the Southern Federal District and will be included in the list of the best in Russia in technological advancement and efficiency. They are diamonds in a setting very complex «Decoration» of the new transport infrastructure in the region which hosts the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.


NZEB in Progress

Laura Barrett, Pete Jefferson, M. E. Group

Denver’s Evie Garrett Dennis campus is the district’s first multibuilding campus and the first to take steps toward achieving net zero energy.


First Smart Railway Station in Russia

Anapa is the first smart railway station in Russia. The major reconstruction and renovation of an old Russian railway station in Anapa town in the Southern region of Russia in frame of the large-scale renovation program by JSC Russian Railways. Engineering equipment was not simply replaced and facade updated – the building now became really smart and efficient in sense of energy savings. Moreover, the main objective of the project is to use it as a model for the reconstruction of other railway stations in Russia.


Intelligent Buildings of Sberbank

Sberbank of Russia decided to create a new modern class-A office building with an area of 35,600 sq.m. They formulated requirements for building automation and technical parameters. Contractors proposed the solution with the emphasis on maximum openness and integration with other systems in the future.


Deutsche Bank Green Towers

Deutsche Bank headquarters (First LEED Platinum reconstruction). Russian branch of Deutsche Bank headquarters in Moscow (LEED Gold).


Building Information Modelling

There has been indicated two main factors in the development of the construction industry over the past decade: the green building trend and use of a building information modelling method. It is obvious that the goal of green building trend is achieved only when there is close cooperation between all parties involved in different stages of the project, not only the design and construction crews, but also the crew responsible for operations in the building. For such a cooperation the concept of Integrated design process helps greatly. Implementation the concept of integrated design process in practice allows to get all the information on the project in sense of its deep analysis and forecasting.


Innovation Technologies

The Vertical Forest project aims to build high-density tower blocks with trees within the city. The first example of a Vertical Forest is currently under construction in Milan in Porta Nuova Isola area, part of a larger redevelopment project developed by Hines Italia with two towers.

You can read as well about such innovative technologies energy-efficient automation, building integrated photovoltaics, etc.


Question to Expert

A.S. Vinogradov, Perao Technical Director; A.V. Mikhailik, Perao General Director, Member of NP «ABOK» Committee «Intellectual buildings and information and control systems»

Saving money when connecting Hi-Fi, Hi-End technique over interface HDMI.


Book Review

«Technical Library of ABOK» presents the new up-to-date books: «Smoking zones. Ventilation System Design», and «Chill beams: design, installation, operation». Monographs will be interesting for a wide range of professionals: engineers, HVAC designers, architects, maintenance services, teachers and students of architectural, engineering and construction fields.