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№3 2021



«Almatea» Business Centre. Integrated approach for delivery green building project       p. 6

IlyaZavaleev, Sergey Zhukovskiy

This case study describes the experience of designing and building a green building of the business center “Almatea”, located on the territory of the Innovation Center Skolkovo. This project was implemented using the Integrated Project Delivery approach during the design and construction process. This confirmed the high efficiency of the approach in the implementation of a unique modern high-tech green building. This approach was implemented for the first time in Russia. was applied to the first project. Applied approach and energy modeling studies allowed to reduce annual energy consumption expenses 42% without a significant rise in the cost of construction. In the design and construction of the building, the requirements of the LEED certification system and methods of energy modeling and CFD modeling were applied.

3-D simulation of the temperature fields of faсade systems   p. 16

Datsyuk T.A., Denisikhina D.M., KurenkovaA.Yu.

The use of hinged facade systems in the modern design and construction practice is very popular. The assembling points of facade systems are complex connections of various materials that affect the thermal resistance and the temperature field of the entire facade structure. 3-D simulation of the temperature fields of faсade systems, including ventilated faсade, allows to obtain values close to the actual resistance to heat transfer, analyze the temperature distribution on the surface of the elements in order to avoid the risk of condensation, and determine the uniformity coefficient of the facade.

How to protect your house?        p. 22

Alexey Vinogradov, Alexander Mikhaylik

Now it is more and more urgent to protection your home from the unwanted attention of crime. There are a lot of reasons and it is useless to influence them. In this article, only practical recommendations for the prevention of undesirable manifestations of criminal activity against the home and its inhabitants with the help of modern technical means.

Renovation of residential quarters. Example of France  p. 28

Olga Mochalova, Justine Deschambre

The law on renovation, which affects residential buildings, built in 1957-1968 in Moscow, actively discussed and became the object of several rallies. In this article, we will tell you on specific examples about similar projects in France, about the state’s participation, applied innovative technical and environmental solutions.

Modern high-performance industrial fans domestic developments    p. 36

Karadzhi S. V., Ph. D., Karadzhi V. G., Ph. D.

The modern radial and axial impellers were developed on the basis of domestic and foreign experience. Highly efficient radial and axial fans of different aerodynamic schemes for different practical applications were designed on the basis of those impellers. Optimal technological solutions allowed to master the serial production of the developed fans in short time. Realized technical decisions will allow to reduce energy consumption of ventilation systems of modern buildings and structures.

To switch on energy efficiency mode: ONLINE          p. 42

Vera Burtseva

One of the most popular theme in Russia is energy efficiency and different ways of its development, especially in construction sphere. 2017 year was established as Year of Ecology in Russia by executive order by President of Russia, and after the half year the results demonstrate presence of intentions and possibilities for developing green building in our country, but there are not enough practical instruments for explanation the goals, and practical tools that can help broad society to submerge in details of direction, and be sure that this is the intelligent way of investing money and great method of smart improvement for the  projects. This article is about new tool in this sphere – about online-calculator that helps to estimate the tentative level of energy efficiency for building. Calculator was created on the GREEN ZOOM web-platform.

FreeHome - flying house (concept start-up)        p. 48

Ulitin DA, Taratuta AK

The project is a task to integrate energy, airship, navigation and management and ergonomic technologies in a new type of residential real estate - a flying house

Modern internal water removal solutions for flat roofs            p. 54

Irina Orlova

The article explains how to form internal drainage for flat roofs, including tips for roofing funnels installation and forming slopes. It also tells how to  choose insulation solutions for flat roofs. Recommendations for preventing the most common design and installation errors are given as well.

“Green” construction is an innovative and socially significant element of increasing environmental sustainability        p. 60

S.V. Kornienko

By results of research of the main directions in a green construction the vector of development of green construction in Russia and abroad is determined. Systematization and generalization of data on a green construction allow to plan further ways of increase in an energy efficiency and an ecological safety of buildings and structures in case of the solution of an urgent problem of increase in sustainable development in town planning and architecture.

Climate Forum ushers in a new Era for Moscow’s Green Economy    p. 68

Guy Eames

Climate Forum was the one which all those working in the small but growing Russian “Green” economy have been waiting for.