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Summary of the Winter 2017 issue «Sustainable Building Technologies».

Mixed-use Business Complex YE’S. BREEAM certification: case studyp. 8

Yulia Lebedeva

Progressive developers tend to improve construction objects through the using by not only the marketing component, but the technologies that really improve comfortable characteristics of the object with innovative technologies. The realization of the energy efficienсy solutions in the construction objects produces the positive effect to the rising of energy capacity and reduction of the operating costs.

Rain Gardens as an Element of Sustainable Development of the Cityp. 18

Svetlana Mihaylova, Marianna Brodach

Rain gardens are one of the elements of sustainable storm runoff management system, they allow for reduction of load on the main sewer system and form aesthetically attractive landscapes.

Thermal Protection and Building Climate Control System in the Arctic Regionp. 26

Pavel Melnik, Nikolay Shilkin

Most of the environmental parameters in the Arctic region are in the extreme range: here you have climatic, wind, insolation and many other conditions. The severe climate of the region demands clear forms from the architecture, and simplicity, safety, mobility and sustainability – from the utilities. 

HQE – French Green Standardp. 36

Olga Mochalova

HQE (Haute Qualite Environnementale – High Environmental Quality) is the international movement of specialists in sustainable development of buildings and territories, whose goal is improvement of the living conditions. The standard is accepted in 23 countries and is adapted to specific conditions of each country: climate, regulatory framework, construction practices, processes management system.

Space Technologies to Solve Down-to-Earth Problemsp. 44

Tatyana Volkova, Nikolay Shilkin

One of the possible solutions to a possible planet-wide ecological crisis can become development of waste-free and environmentally clean agroindustrial technologies. Such technologies are based on biological circulation of matter and efficient use of solar energy. In this area it is interesting to learn about experience gained in creation of large artificial ecosystems for space exploration.

European Heat Pumps Marketp. 52

Heat pumps today are a dynamically growing market. This is caused by their high efficiency and, as a result, significant reduction of operating costs. And the technology gets better every year. We would like to present data on heat pump equipment sales in 2015 taken from a report by the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA). EHPA report is prepared every year and its presentation takes place at the traditional summer press cocktail event of the association.