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№3 2021

Summary. Fall 2016

Summary of the fall 2016 issue «Sustainable Building Technologies».

First BREEAM object in Belarus p. 10

Igor Reunov

The article describes possibilities for existing buildings to be improved by continuous actions harmonized with BREEAM in USE standard. As the case, we have chosen Omega Tower Office Building, located in Minsk (Belarus).
It is a first certified BREEAM Project in Belarus which was awarded by Very Good level by BREEAM in USE 2015 v.2 standard. Article describes strength and weakness of the building and possibilities of improvement for BREEAM rate and building efficiency.

Reconstruction in Vienna university – first plus-energy high-rise building in Europe p. 18

Martin Bismark

In 2006 the Technical University of Vienna had launched a program called «TU UniverCity», and one part is involvment in a number of building projects with the aim of enhancing the quality of its research and teaching facilities. A lot of ground works had completed, and as a beacon of changes was finished a «Plus-Energie-Bürohochhaus» – the world’s first energy-plus office tower – in the heart of the Austrian capital. A mix of energy-saving technologies and materials, controlled and managed by edge-of-art Building Management system, based on longterm experience and expertise, gives positive results for the concrete building and additional inputs for further projects in this direction.

Self-contained house B. Fuller p. 22

Tatyana Frolova, Nikolay Shilkin

In this article we consider the project of Buckminster Fuller - «Dymaxion house», which is designed to protect natural resources and to change consumer attitude to them.

Experience with energy modeling of buildings operated within the framework of certification system GREEN ZOOM. Business Center «Energy» p. 28

Vera Burtseva, Alexander Sivachev, Artem Borodin

Development of construction industry today linked with increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. Reinforcement of requirements for the energy efficiency is connected to necessity of implementation high quality indoor environment and synchronous reduction of consumable resources level.

Wallet of hotel owner: how to reduce energy costs p. 44

Maxim Semenov

Operating costs of private hotel are huge, the main part of them is utilities costs, especially energy expenses. Some keepers of hotels try to reduce the expenses using energy efficient lightbulbs. This way allows saving about 8 – 10 % of energy costs, but in the same time more effective way of cost-cutting exists. Let’s consider a few ways of decreasing of energy costs in hotels.