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ABOK turns 25. Our values

ABOK is the first public organization in our industry unanimously and voluntarily established by representatives of all USSR Republics on 22–23 January 1990.

ABOK is the first public organization in our industry unanimously and voluntarily established by representatives of all USSR Republics on 22–23 January 1990.

ABOK became the first Russian public organization in our industry that has received global recognition by becoming a member of the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Associations (REHVA) in 1990 and an associate member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air- Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) in 1991. An expression of this recognition became the decision of REHVA to hold REHVA 49th General Assembly and 5th International Cold Climate HVAC Conference in Moscow in 2006. In 2015 ABOK became an associate member of Eurovent.

Publication of the first in the Soviet Union specialized heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, heat supply and building thermal physics magazine ABOK – August 1990.

More than 200 issues of ABOK magazine have been published by now, containing about 2000 professional articles. Today the magazine is circulated in about 800 cities in Russia and has subscribers abroad. In 1995 ABOK started publishing «Power supply» magazine, in 1997 – «Plumbing» magazine, and in 2003 – e‑magazine «High-tech Buildings». ABOK has developed own system of standards and recommendations that summarize knowledge of the newest engineering technologies and equipment of the beginning of XXI century. These standards form new mentality in designers, architects and operators. And expert assessments treat them with complete trust. Overall, ABOK specialists have developed over 70 standards and recommendations. Unmatched «ABOK technical library » consists of 33 publications, including terminology dictionaries and practical recommendations, reprints of publications of old masters, modern literature on a wide scope of engineering issues: economics, energy efficient buildings, ventilation equipment and ventilation, hazardous emissions, waste supply and sewage, air conditioning and heating systems, – translated, edited and supplemented with comments of Russian specialists foreign publications, as well as unique newest publications, such as first and second editions of encyclopedic books «Engineering equipment of high-rise buildings » and «Air conditioning».

Master classes, lectures of ABOK educational center, conferences, workshops and webinars. Master classes, without any doubt, are a special place to receive first-hand knowledge. Today ABOK is successfully implementing a new form of technical training of specialists and advanced training – ABOK webinars. 145 webinars were held since May of 2010 with participation of 51 136 specialists from 296 cities in Russia and 135 cities from 30 foreign countries.

FIFA has endorsed «Standard for assessment of football stadiums for 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia» developed by NP ABOK on order of the Ministry of Nature of Russia. The standard was developed with participation of the organization committee FIFA Russia‑2018, LLC NPO TERMEK, Moscow Architectural Institute (state academy), CNIIPromzdaniy.

The new standard will play an important role in preparation of Russian stadiums for 2018 World Cup.

It should be mentioned that none of the global rating systems (e. g., LEED, BREEAM, DGNB) has still not developed a version for rating of stadiums.

Yes, this is what we are proud of. But we have our main asset, our value – ABOK members, great building engineering masters. Today ABOK brings together 320 organizations – design, installation, scientific research organizations and equipment manufacturers.

ABOK members’ talent and skills allowed for creation of high-rise buildings, Olympic facilities, new generations of office buildings, green buildings and communities, energy efficient buildings and bio-architecture buildings, each of which is true masterpiece of our industry’s masters. The words of great Russian writer A. S. Pushkin can be applied to many of you: «You, Mozart, are a god – and you don't know it.»

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