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Demonstration of the Engineering Art and Innovative Technologies

The biggest event of 2014 for the construction and HVAC specialists is the all-Russia forum with international participation – «Moscow – Energy Efficient City».

Every year starting from 1993 NP «ABOK» – society that brings together Russia’s best specialists in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, heat supply and building thermal physics arranges conference and exhibition of the technical innovations. Traditionally the Forum is conducted with support and direct participation of the Government of Moscow.

The central event of the Forum was the Plenary Meeting which on behalf of Mayor of Moscow S. S. Sobyanin was opened by acting Deputy Mayor of Moscow for the Public Housing and Utilities and Municipl Improvement A. V. Tsybin.

The Plenary Meeting was held with participation of the Head of the Department for Fuel and Energy Economy of Moscow Government P. A. Livinskiy, heads of Prefectures of Administrative Divisions of Moscow and resourcesaving organizations. Yu. A. Tabunshchikov, NP «ABOK» President, in his address to the participants drew special attention to the of engineering art and innovative technologies. He highlighted the value of the Charter of Geneva sustainability of residential sector ratified by the European countries, which also covers the aspects of green construction, energy conservation and environment protection.

The Conference included discussion of the priority methods of optimization of buildings’ energy consumption with simultaneous improvement of the people’s living environment. For three days, 29th through 31st of October, the leading Russian Forum, filled with events, drew the attention of the wide range of Russian and foreign specialists, as well as managers of government and commercial organizations. Over 3 500 specialists from scientific organizations, production, construction and operating companies from 98 Russian cities and 16 foreign countries.

Representatives from seven Moscow prefectures and companies have demonstrated about 400 innovative technologies and solutions that significantly enhance energy efficiency of buildings. In total the Forum included 17 affiliated meetings where the participants have closely listened to and then discussed over 170 speeches. Energy efficient construction, investments in energy saving projects, energy efficient thermal protection of buildings and thermal insulation materials, standards and labeling, metering and regulation of energy resources’ consumption, fire safety of buildings and structures, innovations in automation and dispatch control of utility systems, perspectives of sustainable architecture in Russia – this is just a limited list of topics from the Conference agenda.

Profound interest and heated discussions were caused by “Hightech buildings – analysis of the results achieved” session. Work of the session was guided by M. M. Brodach, Vice President of NP «ABOK», Professor at Moscow Institute of Architecture, Senior Editor of «High-tech Buildings» magazine; Guy Eames, General Director of Council on Green Construction RuGBC and V. V. Ustinov, Executive Director of LLC «Lindab».


The session presented solutions that facilitate enhancement of energy efficiency of construction facilities on the basis of renewable energy sources. Keen response received presentations of implemented projects using energy saving technologies in «Skolkovo», in Olympic venues in Sochi, etc. ●